Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Fabulous Read!

This could quite possibly be my most favorite unschooling book ever: The Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewellyn. At once scandalizing and extremely inspirational, it has to make you re-think your entire education. This is a great one for people without kids who are just curious about why people might homeschool, or people who want to do a little self-analysis. Though I was twice as old as the intended audience when I read it, I was totally liberated by this book!

Here's something tragic, though. . . they've re-done the bookjacket now so that it's more palatable to parents, apparently. This cover would *not* have attracted me - but it would have placated my mother if I'd had the courage, creativity and confidence to drop out of high school.
Of course, I guess the old one was sort of 80s. But. . . at least it looked rebellious.
Anyway, here's the new one. I do hope every single person in this country will read this amazing piece of literature.

I want to post some quotes from it, but for now I have to go to bed.

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