Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's Up

Hmmm. . . I haven't posted about what we've been doing for a while. That is mostly because I've been obsessing over my latest career endeavors, which have to do with cartooning, blogging, and creating a website. Also: poster-making, card-making, t-shirt making, bumpersticker making, etc.

But anyway, we've found plenty o' time to go to nature centers, the library, social groups, playgrounds, and friends' houses. Also, Ezra does circus school once a week. My husband has been spending a lot more time with the kids this semester, too. But it's been so cold that they've mostly stayed inside together.

But one exciting new development is that Ezra has decided he wants his training wheels off! We had friends visit from Viroqua, Wisconsin, and Ezra found out that his friend (or Faux Cousin, as we like to call him), Luka, who is 9, does not have training wheels and apparently right away he said he was ready to try biking without them. So a day or two after Luka left, Kenny took the kids out to the back parking lot with Ezra's new training-wheel-less bike and Ottar's little scooter.

Ezra has also been learning more about rockets, of course, and currently he is working on another book. This one is called Rocky the Rocket's Adventures in Space.

Oh! How funny I almost forgot to mention Ezra has pretty much taught himself to read, with virtually NO help whatsoever and in fact I've been secretly discouraging it for over a year (I'm into Waldorf ideas about brain development). But anyway, now he loves to try to read rocket books, some of which are quite advanced. And also Captain Underpants, which we somehow ended up with a copy of (though I do really like it!)

Oh, and soon I will hopefully post pictures of the kids on their new rope ladder and rings we've hung in the middle of the apartment - hours and hours of cooperative, healthy, muscle-building fun!

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