Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On to chickens

Well, this week Ezra has been focusing on drawing chickens as much as drawing rockets.

This is because my husband and I are trying to come up with drawings for chicken puppet for a movie idea we have.

I was also reading a Jim Henson biography this week (fairly coincidentally) and Ezra just LOVES the Muppets. Have I mentioned that? Of course, Ottar does, too. We all do! We used to rent episodes, but now Ezra watches Youtube clips on Sundays, which is his day to watch Youtube rocket launch and Muppet videos. Of course he loves Pigs in Space, but also Grover as a waiter, and the Sesame Street episodes with those furry aliens, and Swedish Chef.

We've all learned more about chicken anatomy this week than we ever have before, even though we went to plenty of farms this summer. I can't believe how many chickens I've drawn in my life without those rubbery red things hanging off their noses.

Chicken pix to follow, I hope. . .

And I should mention, that the more I watch the Muppets, the better it is. It is seriously amazing art. I could watch it all day long.

Anyway, Ezra has some crazy chicken puppet ideas. He has designed some kind of chicken puppet that has a telescope in its head, for instance. And another one that he can go inside of, like Big Bird. So it looks like he may be very interested in getting involved with the puppet-maker we are in contact with (a guy who worked with Jim Henson's son, Brian) if he will allow some onlookers or apprentices!

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  1. you can use our chickens as models! come to boulder!