Friday, August 26, 2011

Unschooling vs. Reality

I've started telling strangers I'm a homeschooler. Why am I doing this? I guess because in the past year I've realized that the lifestyle I've been living isn't working, and I am desperate for more rhythm and structure, and the whole idea of having curriculum actually sounds like a relief. But what's funny is I know I could never really use curriculum, so what is my problem? I have no idea.

Anyway, the reactions I get to saying I'm a homeschooler are totally annoying, because the person always starts going on and on about curriculum packages and "when are you going to start?" and all this crazy stuff that you don't get into when you say you're an unschooler (usually when I said we were unschoolers I used to end up in an uplifting philosophical conversation about the way humans develop). But at least when I mumble something about dabbling in various kinds of curriculi (?) I don't have to betray the fact that I have been totally uninspired for the past year, as my life was dissassembled, brick by brick. And continues to be. So, stay tuned. I'm starting everything all over again, and it's sure to be a revolutionary fall one way or another.