Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ezra learned to tie a knot today! It was very exciting for him. He was *really* excited to pick out a present for his cousin, Nicholas, who turns 6 today. He really wanted to get him a plastic rocket set from the Science Museum, which he was sure Nicholas really wanted. But once we got to the gift shop there, he wasn't too excited about the selection of rocket and astronaut toys that were within our spending range, so he opted to get Nicholas a huge wall poster, instead. It shows dozens of rockets (drawn) with information about each.

When we got home Ezra really wanted to get started wrapping the present. I was glad because he has not been too interested in learning to cut, and handles the scissors awkwardly. But he cut a nice long piece of wrapping paper and we taped it around the poster, and then he wanted to tie a cloth ribbon on. He worked very hard at "getting" the knot - whereas in the past he has just tried once and lost interest. It was nice that it was all about the inspiration of wanting to wrap Nicholas's present. When he got it tied on his own (I had to show him two or three times), he was so proud and ran around looking for other things to tie around the house. He also called Papa, who was in Las Vegas, just to tell him. (Even though he had for some reason not felt like talking on the phone to Papa since he left several days ago). It was a monumental event!

Ezra has also really picked up on reading and has started reading books to Ottar, which is so cute. They just sit on the couch together and enjoy books. I'm starting to notice a big leap in the amount of free time I have, and I haven't made the adjustment yet - it still seems too good to be true!

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  1. Yay, Ezra. It sounds as if he's in a big growth spurt. Enjoy the new free time!