Friday, March 5, 2010

Computerless Bliss!

A tearjerking photo from the nirvanic, internet-free days of yore

Okay, forget all the other stuff I wrote about schedules, computers, youtube, etc. I have finally found the answer to all my problems! And I mean all my problems. Here it is: I set the parental controls on myself. Now I can't use the computer between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. every day of the week, unless my husband and children are gone.

What this really means is I can use the computer about 5 minutes a week, unless my husband and children are gone.

My husband and children are never gone. Except today, because my dad and his girlfriend are in town. Which is why I'm able to deliver this life-changing post to you.

Of course there are drawbacks. . . getting behind on my blog, not being able to even pretend to work on my website. . . but the family harmony has been restored back to 2007 levels! Back when we had no internet hookup in our home. Those were the days!

I suggest you try this, too. It's bliss. Hardly an angry word has been spoken in our house. Hardly a child has been clobbered by his brother. Hardly a thing has broken!


  1. I've been on the verge of this discovery myself...*sigh*. Glad to hear that it really to break the habit that has been sucking the happiness out of *everything*.

    How did you do it? Cold turkey?


  2. I made it so there are 2 logon accts - one is Kenny's (it's his computer) and the other is for the whole family. At first I didn't trust myself so I had Kenny keep his password a secret. But now that I know what is possible, I do know his password. In any case, the family acct is set up to block certain websites, allow others that were previously blocked (um. . . like THIS one!) and to shut off every day at 7 a.m. until 10 p.m.. Ezra checks it every so often to see if it's working, and it isn't, and so we just put the computer away during the days. After a jittery few days, you just get used to it not being an option and suddenly a whole new world of ideas is open to you. Like. . . cleaning the basement. Or. . . baking. Or. . . reading novels!

  3. I've put internet restrictions on myself recently as well. It's so easy to get caught up in thinking we have to check this or that.

  4. oh damn. i need to do this, too. i get sucked in, but it always seems so important. i am doing it right now. oh, but the kids are not here so i am good. great idea, danna. but, i have missed you! i was wondering what was going on. so do your kids ever get time at the computer then? we do actually learn things on the internet sometimes!

  5. by the way, will you send me your phone number? i am missing my danna fixes so maybe i can just call you instead of e-mail. although every time i pick up the phone, claire screams, "me, me, me!" and wrestles me for it. she is very strong and loud.

  6. Lisa, I will send you my #! Although, funny - the phone is something I practically totally cut out 2 years ago, b/c it was so much worse than the computer! I guess I'm being like a hermit now. I'll think of some times when I'm actually free (like when I'm alone!)

    No, my kids are not having computer access rt. now - the YouTube was out of control. I do wish we could use it for reference, etc. sometimes, but I'll figure that part out later. Right now it's detox time! I like that they don't even think of it anymore. It is just a laptop, so we just put it in the studio, and the cat uses it to lie on in the sun.

    Pretty soon I'll have a temporary out-of-home "studio" for 6 weeks, so I will be back on to my heart's content then! Plus I'll be scanning like crazy, and it takes forever, so I'm all about email then.

    Glad to know somebody noticed I was missing!