Friday, February 12, 2010

Get National Velvet!

A couple of weeks ago we finally watched the National Velvet CD I got at the thrift store for a Christmas present for the kids.

They saw the cover and actually refused to watch it for over a month, but then they became obsessed with it and wanted to watch it over and over.

Besides being a great story and having famous actors (Elizabeth Taylor, Mickey Rooney, and Angela Lansbury), it also has an excellent parental role model in it - the mother, actress Anne Revere, who actually won an Oscar for her performance.

So rarely do I watch anything at all, but when I do, I even more rarely see people modeling the kind of parent I'd love to be. So I highly recommend getting National Velvet and then going around like I do, saying to myself, "What would Velvet's mother say in this situation?"


  1. Okay, but is it ever sad about the horse? Because even though my kids will be fine with it,I won't be able to handle it...


  2. Depends on what you consider sad. Just get it and let the kids watch it alone - it's one of the few movies you can do that with w/o regretting it later, IMO.

  3. but then I can't see how the mom is! does the horse die? do they have to give it away and the girl is broken-hearted? is it abused or neglected?

  4. Oh yeah.

    No, no, no, and no.

    Just close your eyes during the real footage of the National horserace, because some of the horses fall down during the race. I don't think any of them are seriously injured, though.

  5. We just watched "National Velvet" today, and man, was I impressed. That mother is just something else altogether. I loved how often she just stood back and didn't interfere with her kids' path. It made me want to be more of a strong, silent type. Yes, indeed, there's a right time for everything, Mrs. Brown!

    The kids really seemed to enjoy it, too. We will definitely be watching it again, if nothing else so I can absorb some more good mothering mojo.

  6. I love how everyone is spazzing all around her and she just smiles and tilts her head to the side.