Friday, April 3, 2009

More Proof!

Aha! I just found the following quote on the Sandra Dodd website:

"Unschooling is *much* harder than school at home because it takes a great deal of self examination and change in ourselves to help our kids and not get in their way!"
—Joyce Fetteroll

*This* is what I'm talking about when I say that just about all the unschoolers I know use some type of transformational psychology in their everyday lives. It's almost impossible to unschool and not have incredible psychological and/or spiritual breakthroughs all the time. . . or to force them upon yourself, which is actually much easier! Because the basis of unschooling is so counter-cultural. Trust your children? Spend huge, unstructured blocks of time with them? Allow them to follow their passions even when they aren't the least bit interesting to you (i.e. in our house - space shuttles and guns!)?

Super radical. Which calls for super radical, unobstructive parenting. . .

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