Saturday, April 11, 2009

Going Nuts

Okay, I have one very urgent request for discussing what I, the Mama, am doing these days. I haven't been posting because it is too luxurious. What I've been doing is getting ready for the St. Paul Art Crawl. I committed to the art crawl in January, and this was a bit crazy of me, as I had not even one thing to put on display in my studio. The art crawl is in less than two weeks now, and I have been frantically trying to finish a zine (issue 7, the last one I ever do, I hope!) and a little book about cats, and lots of random cartoons, illustrations, reprints, and whatever else I can crank out.

On top of this, I have to get the entire apartment clean, move out a lot of boxes and furniture (we have no functional bedrooms and we currently all sleep out in a pile in the corner of the apartment - not so great with 1500 people walking through) and I have to get child care for all the weeks leading up to the Crawl, as well as during it, as Ottar, a.k.a. Monkey Man, is going to need to be heavily supervised. He loves to run off on his own, toss things out our fourth story window, and draw on the floorboards with Sharpies (just for some quick examples). . .

Right now we have a 7-year old computer which I have affectionate feelings for, but which is causing us some problems. We also had a broken scanner until 2 weeks ago, a broken printer until 1 month ago, and now we are going to have to get a new scanner/printer anyway, within 3 days if I am going to participate in the crawl!

It's a little nutty around here, to say the least. Fortunately, Kenny has been willing to take the kids out every day so I can get something done here (my studio is in the hall by the bathroom, so I can't even hide when the kids are home) and some relatives have also been helpful in picking up the slack.

Wish me luck!

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