Monday, April 27, 2009

The End of Chaos!

Well, the chaos is all over now, and our lives are all going to be dreamy and blissful heretofore.

The art crawl is over, and with it, my obsessive need to finish dozens of art projects. Most of them I ended up dropping within a few days of the Crawl anyway, as I have always been one to underestimate my own limitations - but now that I have children it's gotten much worse.

But anyway, I did get the bare minimum done, with lots of help in childcare, cleaning, editing, and tech support. And now I am treating myself to an early summer (I've decided) of reading and learning to knit (for the fourth time.) I refuse to do anything else!

Ottar got to spend the weekend with Bubbie and Papa, for the most part, and that was good for everyone. Ezra got to run around the building and hang around with his "fake cousins" whose mother was my art partner. He also spent a *lot* of time socializing with friends old and new in the building - drawing, painting, and just chatting with them. I think it was a great experience for him to be able to talk with so many people who didn't have anywhere to go. Actually the traffic was pretty light this spring, so lots of people had time to spend with him. Plus he watched some theatre, listened to live music in the atrium, and hung out with Sprinkles the Clown. I heard through the grapevine that he tells people he considers himself a better artist than me. I think that is quite certainly true.

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  1. Enjoy your early summer of reading and learning to knit--though I have to say, you inquiring soul, you, I don't know if I buy that that will be quite enough for you. But perhaps, perhaps. I hope you enjoy the quiet after your months-long creative whirlwind, anyway.

    We were so happy to buy your wares and your friend's work at the Art Crawl. The skirt we bought has become a totem object of happiness for Cassidy and she gets so many compliments on it.

    And I love your zines and look forward to checking out your website.