Friday, December 4, 2009

Cute, Inspirational Article

Here's a cute article for anyone needing a little inspiration this day: "The Never-at-Home Homeschoolers" by Patricia Zaballos.

In our household, the most influential part of the essay was this quote: "Just as you should never wake a sleeping baby, never interrupt a reading child."

A comforting thing to keep in mind when your 6-year-old is so engrossed in reading Tintin that he can't even hear you telling him it's time to leave.


  1. Have you looked at Patricia Zaballos's blog Wonder Farm? It's one of my favorites, and she is a friendly gal who actually has given me helpful advice via email about math books for Bridger and other assorted subjects.

  2. Oh, I was wondering how come her name sounded familiar. I will check it out! Thanks!