Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I Know Soulemama's Secret

The adventure begins!

The careful collection of sticks.

Ezra shows off his stick-breaking abilities.

Nonie always accompanies us on our neighborhood outings!

This is the [very delayed - as today there is a blizzard outside our window!] first of a series of days wherein I pretend to be Soulemama. Why? Because everyone always says Soulemama makes them feel guilty and inadequate, and that they can't do that much cool stuff and have that much amazing fun with their kids.

Well, folks, I know her secret. And I will tell it to you.

The secret is the camera.

Ok, I have only a scruffy little cheap digital hardly-any-megapixel camera that is actually my husband's - and he takes it with him to work most days.

BUT. . .

Next time you're feeling blue, just try this: Take your kids out somewhere, and bring your camera along. Lonely? No. . . you can't be because you know that everything you are doing is now ART. And it will make you feel like SOMEBODY SPECIAL when you post about it on your blog. No matter if your kids are not wearing cute, handmade clothes. . . although all the better if they are! Of course you must make sure you are doing something outdoorsy and natural. . . or possibly, crafty.

Please notice how taking the pictures above totally changed my mood. The truth is, we went out "stick-finding" only because I thought I was going to lose my mind if I stayed in the house for one more second with my kids. But as soon as we got going and I made it into a photo safari, the whole thing became festive and even slightly hilarious.

Thank you, Soulemama, for raising my Vibe.


  1. Great photos! I especially love the one of Nonie.

    This reminded me of our walk at Bruce Vento, when you first mentioned this idea to me.

    I miss those kinds of walks and visits with you and the kids. I'm hoping we can come visit you after the holidays!

  2. Hilarious Danna! If I didn't know you, I would have thought you were being sarcastic;).
    I agree, life can seem magical through the lens of a camera.


  3. Oh, darn it all!! No matter how hard I try, I apparently always sound sarcastic. That is what I hear. I guess there is no hope and I might as well just accept it.

    Hope you have a camera with you to blog about Portugal!