Friday, December 19, 2008

Rocket Party!

I can't believe I forgot to write about Ezra's Rocket Party, which he planned for months in advance. As the date neared, he whittled down his invite list to include only his maternal grandfather (Ba), his paternal grandmother (Bubbie), and his paternal Great Aunt Dorie. The rest of us were all excluded because only people who are willing to talk to him for hours and indulge him about rockets 100% of the time were allowed. I did get some photos at the end, though, because the coffee shop to which I was banished was holding a craft fair, and having no car I had nowhere to go but back to our own place.

The rocket party consisted of Ezra first showing his guests (Ba was in a meeting and unable to attend) his collection of best rocket/space shuttle/astronaut drawings, which were displayed on a string along the wall. Then he showed them some Youtube video clips of liftoffs and some photographs of space shuttles and rockets on the computer. Then there was a Q & A session where Ezra sat on a chair facing Bubbie and Dorie, while they sat on the couch and read him their questions (he had asked them to bring a list of questions). He answered each one as thoroughly as he could such questions as "Why was the B2 made?" and "What year was Apollo 11 built?"

I will post photos shortly!

A great time was had by all, of course. Next up: a rocket and space shuttle art show this spring!

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