Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ottar's first cartoon!

Ah! All this talk of family business and then finally my dream comes true where I am sitting and cartooning productively at a table *with my kids*. . . after all these years. Both the kids made amazing cartoons, but Ezra's is too big to scan (it's a story of him shooting Nerf guns with his friend Cody, very much influenced by Tintin). Anyway. . . hopefully a family cartooning business is in the works. . . but if not, we have plenty of other family business ideas up our sleeves, too.

Anyway, seeing as Ottar is only 3-1/2, I think we've got some real talent on our hands, if I do say so myself. Personally, I think he's already surpassed me.

And I'll post more of Ezra's work soon!


  1. I agree--totally amazing! Go, family cartooning business! It sounds so wonderful sitting at a table all doing something you love and are good at, together. You are indeed living the dream.

  2. "living the dream" I love it when other people tell me I am doing that. Is this the dream? It doesn't feel like it quite yet.

    And how to make family cartooning into a profitable business. . . hmmm. . .