Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall, Revised

Alrighty then! It's official, we are *out* of the homeschool co-op classes for fall, and I have to admit to being a little relieved. For some reason it was starting to feel a little too school-y for me, anyway.

After I made my list yesterday, I asked Ezra what else he'd like to learn and after some discussion he said he wanted me to teach him some Spanish. (This came up because the class that was too full for him to get into included a Spanish class.)

I have to admit a part of me dreads this, but OTOH I've been feeling really angry at myself for letting my Spanish slide so badly for the last 8 years. So, we're off! I've decided to try and do Spanish tomorrow morning while we're waiting for the milk man.


  1. Abby has been into Spanish lately. Maybe her and Ezra can play around with some of it the next time they see each other.

  2. Funny you should comment.

    Ezra might be fluent by the next time he sees Abby, so I'm sure they could have a blast!!

    SEriously, he could be, if I weren't so darn lazy.

  3. Sweet relief! Have fun--I wish you were here to teach us all a little Spanish! I would like to get started with some Spanish learning but haven't gotten organized about that.

    What was bugging you about the co-op, exactly? Just curious.

  4. Oh, mostly what bugged me was that I put Ezra in the wrong class, and then tried to get Ottar to sit still for 4 hours straight (can you imagine??)

    But also, it is basically a day of classes - definitely relaxed, with little kids allowed to toddle off, but classes nonetheless - a far cry from HUG or CUHL, anyway! And way more formal than doing a class at a nature center or whatever. I think it's great, but as an unschooler rather than a homeschooler, it takes some adjusting. But now I won't have to adjust until next session, if I choose to join up then. I will miss the socializing, though. . . :(