Monday, August 24, 2009

Break Time

I'm sure at least one person out there is going NUTS wondering, "Why aren't there more posts on Unschooling is Dreamy lately?"

The reason is, we are trying to move.

We finally settled on a house last night, exactly 8 days before we are scheduled to leave Minnesota for Wisconsin. Now we just have to find a moving truck!

Here is a picture to tide everyone over while we are going through this upheaval.

Oh, whoops. It posted at the top. Oh well. It's a picture from our month-long camping trip last summer.



  1. where are you moving to? we are very out of touch right now. by the way. i believe when you don't manifest something it's because universe has even better plans for you. say, one million dollars just a few years later...

  2. How could anything be better than the plans I was already manifesting!!??

    This better be good!