Friday, May 15, 2009

The New Favorite Baby!

My kids love babies - especially Ottar, who thinks and talks about his favorite babies all the time. But lately Ottar met a new baby who is his all-time favorite. And that is saying a lot! He's baby Shamore, who our friends Mark and Josie just adopted from Ethiopia. He is so cute, it hurts my heart to even look at him. And it's not just his looks - he is one amazing baby. Anyway, he has some kind of amazing karmic energy or something. Even Ezra begged to hold him and Ezra never asks to hold babies. Then the next day after we met him, Ezra said, "Shamore is the cutest baby in the whole world!" as soon as he woke up!

We are also getting some serious mileage out of this boy. Now I can say, "Ottar, don't you want to use the tray on your highchair, just like Baby Shamore?" (He hadn't accepted his high chair tray in over a year. But now he loves to use it!) And also I say, "How about if you ride in the grocery cart - I bet Baby Shamore rides in the grocery cart!" And now Ottar will ride in it for the first time in his life! Hooray! I guess this little 7-month-old is Ottar's idol.

This weekend we'll see Baby Shamore again, and hopefully this will result in more of this type of manipulative inspiration on my part. But better than that, we'll be able to hang with this darling little man. We'll feel so honored.

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  1. Danna, I just found your blog and you're putting a smile on my face.